The Mountain that Saved the Roman Empire – The Legendary Mont Sainte-Victoire in Provence – 19.8.16
An Exclusive Extract from our Latest Travel Book

Discover Volcanic Southern France, Where Pilgrims Start Their Journey to Santiago de Compostela – 18.8.16
An Exclusive Extract from our Latest Travel Book

Travel to Tangier, Morocco, Where Noah Dropped Anchor – 4.8.16
An Exclusive Extract from our Latest Travel Book

Chinese Ceramics and Modernity – 27.7.16
How George Eumorfopoulos’s Collection Inspired Contemporary Artists.

What Lies Behind the Faces of British Politics? – 21.7.16
Peter Hennessy and the Political Interview.

In Health there was Something to be Done – 5.7.16
Aneurin Bevan and the Origins of the NHS.

There Was a Reason That Chaplin and Churchill Told Nobody About Their Walks – 23.5.16
Have a look at our newest novel.

You Always Think of the Ground as Firm – 25.4.16
Looking back at the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

The Queen and The Establishment – 21.4.16
Reading for the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

Hunted Across the Desert – 20.4.16
Read the first two chapters of Gold Dust.

Do You Know About Orhan Pamuk’s Literary Istanbul? – 8.4.16
Read an exclusive extract of Istanbul.

Thomas Pakenham Introduces Our New Haile Selassie Biography – 2.3.16
Read the foreword to King of Kings.

Come see Haile Selassie’s Great-nephew & Biographer speak about the Emperor in London – 5.2.16
King of Kings events at Waterstones Piccadilly, the Black Cultural Archives and more.

Book Launch: Tom Bell’s Kathmandu, the Greatest City of the Himalaya – 19.1.16
Come See Tom Bell at the Royal Asiatic Society.

What Does It Mean To Be European? – 10.12.15
Read the first chapter of The European Identity.

Hodgson: the colonialist who stood up for Nepali culture – 2.10.15
Read an excerpt from our most recent title.

How Do You Stage Shakespeare After Decades of Taliban Rule? – 10.9.15
An exclusive passage from our latest title.

How Did the Nazi Scientists Who Nearly Gave Hitler the Bomb React to Hiroshima? – 11.8.15
Read an engrossing extract from our newest title.

‘By October 1907 Attlee was a Socialist’ – An Extract From Our Attlee Biography – 15.6.15
Read about Clem Attlee’s social work in East London.

Travel to the World’s Fringe Places – A Psychogeographic Journey in 18 Photos – 15.5.15
Follow The Ends of the Earth author Roger Willemsen as he travels far and wide.

Haus May Newsletter – Read it here.

Smile of a Midsummer Night – Sweden in 14 Images – 30.4.15
A photographic Journey through Sweden, the country at the centre of Lars Gustafsson and Agneta Blomqvist’s Smile of a Midsummer Night.

Returning to Auschwitz – 27.1.15
In this extract from This Place Holds No Fear Heiner returns to Auschwitz with Lena at his side, in order to overcome a harrowing past which never came and went.

Reluctant Meister: Second Edition Now Out – 19.1.15
Stephen Green’s ode to German history and his case in support of the nation’s importance for Europe’s future, is now out in a second edition.

Roman Elegy Longlisted for the 2015 IMPAC International Dublin Literary Award – 5.1.15
The Stadtbibliothek Bremen nominated Sabine Gruber’s sweeping tale of remembrance and reconciliation for the international fiction prize.

Charm & Contrast in Cyprus – 15 Photos of the Divided Island – 12.11.14
A photographic portrait of Cyprus, the island at the centre of Joachim Sartorius’s The Geckos of Bellapais.

The Morning the Markets Crashed – 5.11.14
A gripping extract from Jonas Lüscher’s Barbarian Spring, telling the start of the end.

Sun & Lovers – 16.10.14
Reviews for Lady Chatterley’s Villa: DH Lawrence on the Italian Riviera in the Sunday Telegraph and the Literary Review.

An Interview with Stephen Green, author of Reluctant Meister – 9.10.14
How German history can empower the EU and help make sense of the UK’s regionalism problem.

Ten Odd Facts About the History of Finland – 2.10.14
Finnish history is rich with oddities: from the legendary feisty princess Skjalv, who strangled the king of Sweden, to the attempted revolution that involved a Japanese spook and 100 gallons of wine.