Cover for Reluctant Meister: How Germany's Past is Shaping Its European Future, by Stephen Green, featuring Ludwig Sievert's 1912 stage design for Wagner's Das Rheingold at the Freiburg Stadttheater

Reluctant Meister, Stephen Green’s ode to German history and his case in support of the nation’s importance for Europe’s future, is now out in a second edition.

Meanwhile, Reluctant Meister received considerable press attention. Below are some of our favourite snippets

The miracle, as Lord Green rightly points out, is that from this state of total collapse, Germany […] rose again to become a country with model democratic institutions and a highly successful economy.’ – Economist

For Stephen Green, Germany’s greatest achievement has been in coming to terms with its history. “The process of confrontation has been neither easy nor quick,” he says. “There are many who have gone to their graves without being honest to themselves about their sins of omission and commission. But for all its imperfections, this atonement has been more thoroughgoing than in most other countries where human evil has been rampant within living memory.” It would be hard to put it better.‘ – Financial Times

The best book of 2014 was Reluctant Meister, Stephen Green’s superb analysis of German history and culture.’ – Globe and Mail

…a pragmatic and courageous outlook on Germany’ – Die Zeit

Finally, here again are Neil MacGregor’s kind words on the book:

Stephen Green traces the relationship between Germany and Europe over 2,000 years, from the Germanic tribes’ victory over the Romans to the Bundesrepublik’s cautious response to Ukraine. He guides us deftly through politics and poetry, theology and economics to allow the reader to understand how Germany – the reticent giant – sees itself and its role in the Europe of tomorrow. This is the history that is now shaping our continent: Stephen Green is the ideal person to help us understand it.’ – Neil MacGregor, author of Germany: Memories of a Nation