Self and Society

Bringing together the winning and shortlisted essays from the 2020 Hubert Butler Essay Prize, SELF AND SOCIETY gives five fresh perspectives on the tension between individual freedom and communal solidarity, asking what we owe our communities and why it matters. Winner Michael Amherst takes identity politics as his theme, questioning whether the stratification of society […]

Unwritten Rule

‘Brexit has put in question much of the traditional fabric of the constitution. Unwritten Rule is a brave attempt to show how it can be remoulded. While few will agree with all of the proposed remedies, Unwritten Rule will undoubtedly re-invigorate the debate. It is written with clarity and verve by experienced practitioners in government.’–Vernon […]

The Calligrapher’s Secret

‘Warmly observed, richly detailed, and often bold and exciting, Schami’s fine portrait of life in Damascus, Syria, in the middle of the 20th century is filled with a compelling set of characters… Schami, born in Damascus, is one of Germany’s most respected writers, bridging Arab and Western culture with his exquisite storytelling. A novel to […]

The Responsibilities of Democracy

‘… let this excellent pamphlet be one of the main reasons for furthering that necessary reversal and inspiring a democratic renewal.’ – Paul Cartledge, University of Cambridge Essays on the state of democracy from those who occupied positions at the heart of British politicsDemocracy operates on consent. That means politicians have to argue their causes […]

‘We are the People’

‘Penny Bochum offers a timely analysis of the rise and radicalisation of the AfD… It is an important contribution to efforts to protect European societies from these new authoritarians.’ – Dr. Luke Cooper ‘This extremely insightful work not only expertly charts the rise of the AfD in Germany, but puts forward a convincing prospectus to deal […]

Secret Service

‘It was only two days after I arrived that I realised I had actually joined MI5. It did not exactly throw the doors wide and welcome scrutiny. The existence of the service was avowed but very little else about it was. Who worked for it? Where were its offices? What was its budget? What did […]

Truth in Public Life

Truth in Public Life explores the difficulty in defining truth, its critical importance in civilised society and the challenges and threats to telling the truth in different public service settings. Three leading experts reflect on subjects related to truth in public life. Vernon White, in his essay ‘Truth Pursued, or Being Pursued by Truth’, shows that […]

Citizens of Everywhere

‘…an eloquent and thought-provoking thesis that will resonate with many Brits who feel equally alienated by Brexit’– Jonathan Fryer blog In 1939, with Europe on the brink of war, Peter Gumbel’s grandparents fled Nazi Germany for England. In 2019, appalled by the result of the Brexit referendum and the ugliness it exposed in our politics […]

The London Problem

‘A timely and wise analysis of the UK‘s awkward relationship with its capital city.’– Professor Tony Travers ‘The London Problem is essential reading for all who have the interests of not just London but the UK as a whole at heart.’– Jerry White, Emeritus Professor of London History, Birkbeck ‘As post-covid London faces a suddenly […]

Art, Imagination and Public Service

‘Great teachers use dance, music and art to inspire young people and build their confidence, and none of us are ever too old to learn. I can thoroughly endorse the vital message of this important book that the arts are central to public service – and in sometimes really quite imaginative ways.’– Ed Balls Art, […]