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Cover for On the Edge by Markus Werner, featuring a blurry painting of two men in the woods
Cover for Tretjak, by Max Landorff, featuring a painting of two men in a city square
Cover for Perla, by Carolina de Robertis, featuring a woman's face hidden behind red flowers
Cover for The Tables of the Law, by Thomas Mann, featuring Nicolas Poussin's painting Moses Turning Aaron's Staff into a Serpent
Cover for Brendel's Fantasy, by Günter Freitag, featuring a blurred man on a cobblestone street
Cover for The Cocaine Salesman, by Conny Braam, featuring a man wearing a suit and hat
Cover for The Indies Enterprise, by Érik Orsenna, featuring Christopher Columbus
Cover for The Meritocracy Quartet, by Jeffrey Lewis, featuring a photo collage of cars and lights