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Cover for Barbarian Spring, by Jonas Lüscher, featuring the two humps of a bactrian camel.
Cover for The Glory of Life, by Michael Kumpfmüller and translated by Anthea Bell, featuring an early-twentieth-century couple at a beach looking into the distance.
Cover for A Price to Pay, by Alex Capus, featuring a vintage photo of a seated young woman.
Cover for Hero, by Root Leeb, featuring a seated old man viewed from behind.
Cover for The Inquisitor's Diary, by Jeffrey Lewis, featuring a pensive, seated Spanish priest.
Cover for The Dark Side of Love, by Rafik Schami, featuring a Middle-eastern, ornately decorated entrance.
Cover for Roman Elegy, by Sabine Gruber, featuring a young, short-haired woman looking scrutinising the distance.
Cover for The Colonel, by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi, featuring a blue entrance in Iran.