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by Alex Capus, trans. by John Brownjohn

Summer 1918. The First World War is drawing to a close when Leon Le Gall, a French teenager from Cherbourg who has dropped out of school and left home, falls in love with Louise Janvier. Both are severely wounded by German artillery fire, are separated, and believe each other to be dead. Briefly reunited two decades later, the two lovers are torn apart again by Louise’s refusal to destroy Leon’s marriage and by the German invasion of France. In occupied Paris during the Second World War, where Leon struggles against the abhorrent tasks imposed upon him by the SS, and the wilds of Africa, where Louise confronts the hardships of her primitive environment, they battle the vicissitudes of history and the passage of time for the survival of their love.

Alex Capus is a French-Swiss novelist who writes in German. His works of fiction and non-fiction that have been translated into English include Sailing by Starlight (2008), A Matter of Time (2009), Almost Like Spring and Skidoo (2014).

Publication Date: April 2012
RRP: £7.99
230 pp
PB (available in HB)
ISBN: 9781908323132
eISBN: 9781907822612


‘a gem of a novel’
The New York Times

‘The most wonderful story…we all loved it’
BBC Radio Oxford

‘the eccentric charm… keeps you tearing through the pages’
O, The Oprah Magazine