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Integrity in Public Life
by Vernon White, Claire Foster-Gilbert and Jane Sinclair 


Politics, Social Science
Publication Date: September 2019
RRP: £7.99
90 pp

Good governance is one of the UK’s fundamental values, and citizens are entitled to expect that public officials behave according to the highest ethical standards. This new Haus Curiosities volume, published in collaboration with Westminster Abbey Institute, looks at the place and meaning of integrity in the individual public servant, in public service institutions, and in the wider public they purport to serve. It addresses the fundamental questions of what integrity means in public life and why it has such a critical part to play in the constitution of Britain. The book also explores how people in public service institutions can cease to behave with humanity when those institutions deny the individual human spirit. The authors argue for the critical importance of institutions in upholding values
when fallible humans forget them.

Author Bio

Vernon White is an Anglican priest and theological scholar. Claire Foster-Gilbert is the Founding Director of Westminster Abbey Institute, the Co-founder of the St Paul’s Institute, and a current member of numerous medical and theological ethics committees. Jane Sinclair is Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey.