by Peter Hennessy and David Normington, edited and with an introduction by Claire Foster-Gilbert

The Power of Civil Servants provides rich and informative observations about the nature of the Civil Service, its values and effectiveness, what threatens it and how it should continue to adapt to a changing world. David Normington and Peter Hennessy address themes such as the importance of politicians trusting civil servants and the difficulties that arise when they don’t; the role of special advisers and the extent to which they are a threat to the minister-civil servant relationship; and the effects of select committees and the media. Civil servants are now exposed to the public in unprecedented ways, with both negative as well as positive consequences. 

Author Bios

Peter Hennessy spent 20 years in journalism and was a regular presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Analysis. He is the author of numerous works on British history. David Normington served as the permanent secretary of the Department for Education and Skills and then of the Home Office.

Published with Westminster Abbey Institute

29 June 2018 | Paperback | £7.99 | 120 pages | 9781912208050