A Sustainable Future

edited by Klaus Wiegandt

‘promises to offer a remarkably inter-disciplinary, cosmopolitan perspective on an overarching topic that is unquestionably prominent in the minds of millions of people.’
The Well-read Naturalist blog

On subjects as diverse yet interrelated as the Earth’s water resources, 21st-century energy supply, climate change, the demise of diversity in plant and animal life, overpopulation and malnutrition, A Sustainable Future collects and accessibly explains the most up-to-date research on areas of major global concern from 12 leading European scientists. Taken together, they allow us to make informed decisions about where global attention and resources should be focused. The cost of inaction is alarmingly high, yet many of us remain uninformed about the consequences of doing nothing. This book serves as both an introductory guide to the key issues of sustainability and a wake-up call; it is a plea to society to inform itself, ultimately to act and to call political decision makers to account.

CONTRIBUTORS: Klaus Hahlbrock, Fritz Hinterberger, Jill Jäger, Stefan H. E. Kaufmann, Mojib Latif, Wolfram Mauser, Bernd Meyer, Rainer Münz, Ines Omann, Stefan Rahmstorf, Josef H. Reichholf, Albert F. Reiterer, Katherine Richardson, Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Wolfgang Schuchert, Hermann-Josef Wagner and Klaus Wiegandt.

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