Justice in Public Life

Claire Foster-Gilbert, Jane Sinclair, James Hawkey

Justice in Public Life comprises three essays by Revd Dr James Hawkey, Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert and Revd Jane Sinclair.  Together they look at justice in the 21st-century, not only how it is expressed through principles, but how it can be expressed by our public service institutions and how, finally, justice is represented in society more widely.

Justice in Public Life brings at times dry and abstract concept to life, serving as a clarion call to public servants to nurture it as a virtue pursued both individually and communally, as a means to serve human flourishing.

JANE SINCLAIR is Canon of Westminster and Rector of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey.

CLAIRE FOSTER-GILBERT is the Founding Director of Westminster Abbey Institute, the Co-founder of the St Paul’s Institute, and a current member of numerous medical and theological ethics committees.

JAMES HAWKEY is Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. He is a visiting lecturer at King’s College London.

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